Clinical Hypnosis Training

Learning Curve Clinical Hypnosis training has three elements to it: Certificate, Diploma and Practitioner.


At the Certificate level you will learn how to enhance the life of the individual, for example by helping them to improve their confidence, or to sleep better.


The Diploma level course will teach you how to engage with the problem and this is through set scripts and protocols, for example for smoking cessation. This is called problem-centred hypnotherapy.


Practitioner level builds on the skills from the previous courses and you then learn how to influence the interaction between the person, their problem and the world around them. For this you create your own scripts and devise strategies completely from scratch. This is a client-centred approach and allows you to create a treatment plan which is completely individual.

FREE Self-hypnosis course

The Self-hypnosis programme is the perfect introduction to hypnosis and how you can use it for personal change. On this FREE course, you'll learn how to hypnotise yourself, and also how to create powerful suggestions to help you improve different areas of your life.

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